A Million Thanks

To the people who helped guide me through the thesis process.

I would like to thank my instructors and mentors who have made a great impact on my education and life

Ellen Lupton
Jennifer Cole Phillips
Jason Gottlieb
Abbott Miller
Andrew Losowsky
David Barringer
Elizabeth Dickinson
Jeremy Hoffman

Thanks to my colleagues for all their support, motivation, and understanding throughout the entire process

Louisa Liu
Connor Davenport
Mackenzie Schroeder
Jarrett Fuller
MICA GDMFA Class of 2016 & 2017

A huge thanks to those who helped me keep my sanity

Erica Remmele
Kelly Driver

And lastly, a special thanks to those who inspired me. Their research and communication helped immensely.

Jody Medich
Mike Alger
Josh Carpenter
Bret Victor