Video 1

For this video I investigated a potential scenario involving interaction between a menu and a user. The video begins with the user selecting an item within the interface they were shopping for in a previous experience. Once selected, the user swipes away a coupon advertisement and is taken to her product for final selection. Once added to the cart the user is presented with a series of choices to determine which shipping option she would like. Adding the item to her pocket purchases the item and she is on her way.

Video 2

This video looks at the relationship between virtual and augmented reality as it pertains to a common use such as writing a paper. The journey begins with a user swiping through a series of books as she looks for one to pull a quote from. Once selected the flips through the pages of the book to find the content she is looking for and copies the text. She then closes the book interface and opens an editing software. Here she scans through her document and pinpoints where she wants the text to reside and pastes it inside. She then saves the document and continues with her day.

Video 3

This last video takes place from a different vantage point with what a working experience might be like for someone such as a 3D artist. The user begins by placing her hand on her wrist to power the software on. She then begins by drawing a cube shape. Once the cube is formed she divides the shape into faces and extrudes it into dimension. After she begins to scale the object to a width she prefers. Once satisfied she turns the object to check other sides. The user decides to change the color of the object and a temporary interface appears. She turns the block red but is not satisfied with the result and deletes her work.